Join us for fun and healthful exercise in our warm & welcoming studio!

GateWay is a beautiful center for learning and practicing taiji (tai chi), qigong (chi kung), yoga, meditation and the martial arts located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  What connects all of our classes is a focus on energy and mindfulness.  You'll never find anyone here with headphones on!  Click here for our online calendar. Try out a variety of classes with our unlimited introductory membership - $25 for one month.  Good for any ongoing classes except the beginners' Taijiquan:  Moving for Better Balance. We also welcome drop-ins.

prayer flagGateWay's Tibetan Prayer Flag Project

On January 28 as part of our Chinese New Year celebration, we began creating a Tibetan prayer flag - to send a message of peace and compassion to the community.  We invite you to contribute to the flag!  Create your own 5" x 7" fabric panel with waterproof materials - and then bring it in to the studio to be hung.  Later this month, the flag will "go on tour" to other community organizations to be expanded and displayed. Traditional Tibetan prayer flags do not carry prayers to gods; rather, the Tibetans believe the prayers and mantras will be blown by the wind to spread good will and compassion for the benefit of all.

$175 Raised for HAVEN during Chinese New Year

Thanks to everyone who attended our Chinese New Year celebration, we raised $175 for Haven, the largest violence prevention and support services agency in NH.  In China, red envelopes containing money are given to kids from their parents, grandparents, and others as Chinese New Year gifts.  GateWay’s red envelopes were given to HAVEN, the Seacoast violence prevention agency formed by the merger of SASS and A Safe Place.

New in Qigong:  Five Animal Sports

To see a bit of the Five Animal Sports in action, watch Bill's Introductory Video. The Five Animal Sports is a group of ancient Medical Qigong exercises designed to bring healing energy to the internal organs.  They also happen to be lots of fun and a great core workout. We guarantee that you will leave class having stretched, played, learned and laughed a lot with a great group of people. No experience is necessary, and people of all ages and fitness levels enjoy this class. Learn More

Taijiquan:  Moving for Better Balance

New Beginner Class just started -  It's not too late to join us!  The medical benefits of taiji continue to attract media attention, and numerous studies indicate that taiji is the most effective form of exercise for improving balance. The beginners class follows the nationally acclaimed curriculum developed by Dr. Fuzhong Li and a group of researchers at the Oregon Research Institute:  Taiji Quan:  Moving for Better Balance.  Students in the continuing balance class move beyond that curriculum to learn the Yang Style Taiji Long Form – with a focus on balance and strength-building movements.  Learn more - and read what current students have to say about this fun and effective class!  Watch Bill's short explanatory video.

 YogaQi® ("Yoga Chi") 

Wednesdays, 6:30pm,  and Thursdays, 7:45am.  YogaQi® is a fun, rejuvenating class that blends yoga stretching and flowing qigong exercises to bring energy to the internal organs and acupuncture channels.  Learn more about this fresh new yoga style created by GateWay founder, Bill Buckley.

Taiji or Tai Chi?  Qigong or Chi Kung?

You’ll notice that we generally use the less common spelling: “taiji” and “qigong,”   which is now more broadly accepted within the international Taiji community.