Happy New Year!

We're starting off 2018 with some special events!

Walk for Peace, January 14 

Thank you to the community members who came together to walk for peace and bring the Seacoast Prayer Flag back to GateWay following its year-long journey through the Seacoast. The flag is now 200 feet long, filled with hundreds of peace-filled messages from people of all ages.  Following last year's Chinese New Year celebration, the flag traveled throughout the Seacoast, moving from GateWay to the Harbor Recovery Center (our next-door neighbors) to the Rye Public Library, the Newmarket Public Library, the Hampton Public Library and finally the Portsmouth Public Library. The flag will hang outside to weather in the elements until our 2018 Chinese New Year celebration on February 17 2018.  The flag will then be ceremonially burned to send our hundreds of good will messages out into the universe.

Winter Feast for the Soul - Jan 15 - Feb 23

Free daily meditation, 7:30-8:10am.  Join us at GateWay for this annual 40-day worldwide spiritual practice, and discover the profound rewards of practicing stillness.  All meditation styles are welcome, and you'll find a welcoming and good-humored group of fellow meditators.  Come as often as you can during the Feast, as many find that the daily practice is life-changing.  Chairs, meditation pillows, mats and blankets are provided.

Chinese New Year Celebration - February 17; 10am - noon

Lots of fun activities planned, including Chinese crafts, horoscope readings and taiji demos.  More details to follow!

New to GateWay? Join us for fun and mindful exercise in our welcoming studio!

GateWay is a beautiful center for learning and practicing taiji (tai chi), qigong (chi kung), yoga, meditation and the martial arts located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  What connects all of our classes is a focus on energy and mindfulness.  You'll never find anyone here with headphones on!  Click here for our online calendar.

10-Week Beginner Taiji Class Starts January 9

GateWay's Beginner Taiji classes on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning are designed for beginners to the form as well as those who want to practice the basics. You will learn: stretching and warm up exercises, qigong breathing and taiji qigong, the first part of the 108 Move Yang Style Long Form and the fundamental principles of the taiji form.  Our 10-week Introduction to Taiji course is a great way to jump-start your taiji practice and learn the form quickly, as we will cover each move sequentially. Fee:  $120 for the course; students may take one or both beginner classes for the 10-week session.

"Why Tai Chi is as Good for You as Crossfit" - Time Magazine

This excellent article by Markham Heid in Time explores why "experts who’ve studied tai chi (taiji) say its benefits are vast and hard to oversell. Tai chi is a richly researched exercise, with health improvements ranging from better blood pressure scores to a sharper mind."  No surprise to us at GateWay, taiji's secret sauce may be mindfulness!  As Markham writes, "maybe the most compelling reason to give tai chi a shot is its ability to strengthen the connections between your mind and body, which can help you move through life with greater awareness and pleasure."  Read the full article online.

Buckley Named Qigong Master

We're pleased to announce that GateWay founder, Bill Buckley, has been promoted to Qigong Master by Grandmaster Yang, Jwing Ming, founder of YMAA.  Achieving this top rank reflects Bill's several decades of Qigong training, study and teaching.  In the Spring of 2017, Bill was also named an Instructor by Mantak Chia, a master qigong teacher with an extensive worldwide following.

Taijiquan:  Moving for Better Balance

Beginner Class:  Mondays & Wednesdays at 9am.  Continuing Balance:  Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10:15am.   The medical benefits of taiji continue to attract media attention, and numerous studies indicate that taiji is the most effective form of exercise for improving balance. The beginners class follows the nationally acclaimed curriculum developed by Dr. Fuzhong Li and a group of researchers at the Oregon Research Institute:  Taiji Quan:  Moving for Better Balance.  Students in the continuing balance class move beyond that curriculum to learn the Yang Style Taiji Long Form – with a focus on balance and strength-building movements.  Learn more - and read what current students have to say about this fun and effective class!  Watch Bill's short explanatory video.

Taiji or Tai Chi?  Qigong or Chi Kung?

You’ll notice that we generally use the less common spelling: “taiji” and “qigong,”   which is now more broadly accepted within the international Taiji community.