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Taijiquan (Tai Chi): Moving for Better Balance

At GateWay, we offer both beginner and continuing classes for students who want to improve their balance.  The beginner's class follows the official Taijiquan:  Moving for Better Balance curriculum developed by Dr. Fuzhong Li and a group of researchers at the Oregon Research Institute.  Students in the continuing class move beyond that curriculum to learn the Yang Style Taiji Long Form - with a focus on balance and strength-building movements

Susan Anderson, Beginner Balance Instructor

Students in the introductory class are encouraged to sign up for the full 12-week session to get maximum benefit from the training.

  • Taijiquan: Moving for Better Balance beginners class: Monday & Wednesday, 9:00-10:00am.  New beginners sessions start every 12 weeks.  Tuition:  $200 for all 24 sessions. Instructor:  Susan Anderson
  • Continuing Balance class. Note: most of these people were unable to balance on one foot when they began the class.

    Continuing Balance class. Note: most of these people were unable to balance on one foot when they began the class.

    Taiji Continuing Balance: Ongoing, every Tuesday & Thursday, 10:15am - 11:15am. Instructor:  Bill Buckley.

Clinically Tested Curriculum Measurably Improves Balance

Endorsed by the NH Falls Risk Reduction Task Force, this nationally acclaimed program, Taijiquan: Moving for Better Balance has been shown to result in:

  • Improved strength, balance and mobility
  • 55% reductions in risk and fear of falling
  • Improved postural stability and walking
    ability in patients with Parkinson’s disease
  • Improved quality of sleep and well-being

You'll Learn

In a beautiful, sunlit studio, you’ll learn a set of simple, therapeutic and functional exercises adapted from taiji movements. These movements emphasize weight-shifting, postural alignment, coordinated movements, visual and breathing techniques.

Balance Instruction Options

This video from the National Council on Aging provides an excellent overview of effective falls prevention programs.

You Have the Power to Prevent a Fall from National Council on Aging on Vimeo.

What GateWay "Balance" Students Say About Our Class

The Tuesday and Thursday classes are a big part of my life!  Taiji has held my interest so much that nothing else interferes in my mind while I'm learning the movements.  Bill Buckley has fine human qualities with integrity and a great sense of humor.  He directs our class, helping us to understand without judgement.  My balance has improved, and I'm learning to be mindful, the latter enriching me in many aspects of my life.  - JC

Wanting a better approach to moving physically for better balance and an introduction to taiji,  I joined the 'Taijiquan: Moving for Better Balance' class at Gateway. Not only did my sense of balance and movement improve, our class developed a strong bond through the gentle and supportive atmosphere created by the teachers, who led us all to better skill in taiji. I look forward to participating in upcoming classes at the beautiful GateWay Taiji!  --LS--

I started taiji 4 months ago as a beginner with no previous experience.I was initially very impressed with the beautiful new studio and the sense of calm and relaxation one feels. The class focuses on taiji basic movements to improve balance and prevent falling injuries. Master Instructor is Bill Buckley who exudes. self-confidence, happiness, and a love of what he does so well. Bill welcomes students to his studio and shows them step by step how to learn taiji. He has got to be the MOST patient teacher in the world. He never tires of repeating instructions over and over again until each student masters each move. Bill Buckley has a great sense of humor, and makes taking his class just a whole lot of fun! To me its the perfect blend of easy physical pre-warm ups and doing the Tai Chi moves on the floor as a group. Bill has inspired me to continue my studies and move on to more advanced classes this Fall. - GS

Bill's class is very 'comfortable'. He is always willing to fully and clearly answer questions and each student goes at their own pace.  I found results came gently and effectively. -  JP

I have a spinal chord injury that has greatly decreased my strength on one side and diminished my overall balance and coordination. Taijiquan: Moving for Better Balance and the Qigong programs at Gateway have helped greatly with my rehabilitation and understanding of my everyday movements and capabilities.  All experience levels attend these classes in a very supportive, non-stress environment.  - MB

What the Research Shows

Balance impairment is a serious health issue affecting millions of Americans; nearly 1 in 3 people over 65 fall each year.  Taijiquan: Moving for Better Balance program has been shown to dramatically reduce falls.

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For more research related to taiji and balance, please visit the national Taijichuan:  Moving for Better Balance website

In the News

Harvard Health Letter - June, 2016:  "Our Best Balance Boosters"
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Harvard Health Blog - August 23, 2012: "Try tai chi to improve balance, avoid falls"
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New England Journal of Medicine - A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that Taiji improves balance and movement control for people with Parkinsons. Past studies have shown that tai chi reduces falls and depression among the elderly, and lessens pain for patients with arthritis and fibromyalgia.

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