Taiji – Yang Style, Beginning & Continuing


Why Study the Tai Chi?

Practicing the Tai Chi enhances flexibility, balance, circulation, body awareness and memory. As opposed to western style exercise, which focuses on major muscle groups, the Taiji is focused on strengthening the joints, ligaments and tendons, emphasizing softness and whole-body motion. The Taiji is more than a fitness regime practiced by millions around the world; it is a martial art, with many levels and applications.

According to the 2007 National Health Interview Survey, which included a comprehensive survey on the use of complementary health approaches by Americans, an estimated 2.3 million U.S. adults had used tai chi in the past 12 months. -- Read more at NIH site, https://nccih.nih.gov/health/taichi/introduction.htm

Beginning Taiji

GateWay's Beginner Taiji classes on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning are designed for beginners to the form as well as those who want to practice the basics. You will learn: stretching and warm up exercises, qigong breathing and taiji qigong, the first part of the 108 Move Yang Style Long Form and the fundamental principles of the taiji form.  Our 10-week Introduction to Taiji course is a great way to jump-start your taiji practice and learn the form quickly, as we will cover each move sequentially. Fee:  $120 for the course; students may take one or both beginner classes for the 10-week session.   The winter 2018 Beginning Taiji course begins Tuesday, January 9.  If you want join the class after the second week, we encourage you to wait until the next beginner class session starts, or take one or two private lessons to catch up on the basics.

Continuing,  All Levels Taiji Classes

Continuing students will review and refine Part 1 and introduce both Part 2&3, with an emphasis on feeling and manipulating qi. Each class will also include:

  • Stretching and warm-up
  • Qigong exercises
  • Detailed instruction on the movements of the form
  • Martial applications of the form
  • Discussion of the cultural context of the Tai Chi

Pushing Hands, Taiji Sword and Chin Na

We offer weekly Pushing Hands and Taiji Sword Form classes at Gateway, and special seminars in Chin Na and other advanced taiji forms.  Please contact us for details:  603-610-9395 or email:  info@gatewaytaiji.com


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