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Order Memberships and Class Cards

If you'd like to purchase a gift card, please visit our Gift Card page.

$25 Introductory Membership

Gateway Class Cards:

Good for all ongoing Taiji, Qigong and Yoga classes.

Gateway 6 Class card, $80.00

Gateway 10 Class Card, $120.00

Gateway 30 Class Card, $300.00

Gateway 6 Class Card (Seniors over 70), $60.00

 Gateway 10 Class Card (Seniors over 70), $90.00

Monthly Membership

Gateway Monthly Class Card, $100.00

 Specialty Classes

Introduction to Taiji 10 Week Course, $110

Thai Yoga Massage Workshop:price: $60 per couple.  Bring a partner or bring a friend.

Continuing Taiji Balance Monthly Membership, $50

 Taiji Moving for Better Balance Beginners, $200.00 for 24 sessions: twice per week

Gateway Gift Cards

Please visit our gift card ordering page, which includes a downloadable certificate to give to the recipient.

Monthly Memberships and Class cards can be used for any regularly scheduled Taiji, Qigong or Yoga class. Specialty classes have separate pricing structures.


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