Classical Yoga for All Levels


Classical yoga focuses on mind, body, and spirit, a kind of meditation in motion guided by an intention that serves us.  We'll seek to surrender the problem-solving mind, come to the present moment, and build awareness of our bodies through standing poses, twists, balancing poses, core-strengthening poses, and flows. The class ends with an inversion pose followed by deep relaxation. Through a focus on breath we'll seek to concentrate attention within the body and for each of us to develop an awareness of his or her own body's needs.  Classical Yoga is a good class for those who want to cultivate balance, strength, and positive states of mind to support their lives. It's also a good class for those who may have practiced yoga in the past and are drawn to return.

Instructors Slavica Popov Meinhold and Terry Farish are both trained in Classical Yoga from the YogaLife Institute of New Hampshire.. Slavica, who is also a linguist and anthropologist, brings gentle precision to her instruction and demonstrates modifications with props, offering students options in a pose.  Terry, who is also a children's book writer, brings a celebration of the creative spirit into her classes and seeks to cultivate a sense of balance and courage through yoga poses.

From Lily Sibley, Founder of Ocean Spirit Yoga

Sherry Evans, Terry Farish, and Slavica Popov Meinhold are exactly the teachers I have always appreciated practicing with! They each bring their own understanding of yoga to the mat. This understanding comes from a continuous exploration of yoga through advanced trainings and their true and loving practice of yoga. Sherry, Terry and Slavica are committed, knowledgable, and compassionate in their teaching. When the time came for me to leave my teaching of yoga, I knew that it was very important for students to be left in the most capable and sincere hands of other teachers. Ocean Spirit Yoga has always been a special place for students of all levels, ages, abilities and interests to practice yoga. Fortunately for all of us who love our practice and our yoga community the choice of teachers to carry on the OSY tradition of teaching came from the community itself! How wonderful that the spirit of OSY continues in the teaching that comes straight from the hearts of Sherry, Terry and Slavica!" - Lily Sibley

(Note:  Lily and Ocean Spirit Yoga were based at GateWay for our first two years.  Sadly for us, she has moved out of the area, but her philosophy and teachers continue to flourish at GateWay.)


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