Yoga Testimonials


We appreciate the wonderful feedback from our yoga students!

Classical Yoga:

"Sherry Evans, Terry Farish, and Slavica Popov Meinhold are exactly the teachers I have always appreciated practicing with! They each bring their own understanding of yoga to the mat. This understanding comes from a continuous exploration of yoga through advanced trainings and their true and loving practice of yoga. Sherry, Terry and Slavica are committed, knowledgable, and compassionate in their teaching. When the time came for me to leave my teaching of yoga, I knew that it was very important for students to be left in the most capable and sincere hands of other teachers. Ocean Spirit Yoga has always been a special place for students of all levels, ages, abilities and interests to practice yoga. Fortunately for all of us who love our practice and our yoga community the choice of teachers to carry on the OSY tradition of teaching came from the community itself! How wonderful that the spirit of OSY continues in the teaching that comes straight from the hearts of Sherry, Terry and Slavica!" - Lily Sibly

"Sherry is a WONDERFUL yoga teacher and I look forward to attending more of her classes.  She is wonderful - so unpretentious and skilled.  Yay! " - L.Z.

"Terry's particular gift is to help students take the balance and mindfulness of yoga off the mat and back into their everyday lives." - M.B.

"Each week, I step into the sweetness & grace of Terry's gentle guidance in this beautiful space and come away strengthened, balanced, and refreshed." - M.L.B.


“I’ve practiced yoga for over 25 years, and enjoyed many different styles - kripalu, ashtanga, iyengar, vinyasa and classical hatha yoga - and I think I’ve found the perfect class in yogaqi. This unique class is a wonderful, easy to follow blend of familiar yoga postures and qigong exercises that move energy through the body’s acupuncture channels. Bill Buckley, who created and trademarked yogaqi, believes that yoga and qigong must share historical roots, and I can see why. We flow naturally from yoga to qigong to yoga again - stretching, breathing, balancing and laughing! Each class is different and fun, and we end in savasana with a guided meditation from the Taoist tradition.” - B.G.

Kripalu Yoga: 

"I leave Katherine's class with a deeper connection to self, community & my yoga practice.   Equally important, I have an elevated sense of joy in my heart! Katherine is an amazing individual who has helped guide & balance me in mind, body and spirit." - KP

"Katherine’s Kripalu 2 yoga class is wonderful. I have a fine gardening business and am often very sore, preoccupied and emotionally drained by the end of the week.  Her class helps me so much on all three levels of being. Physically, its a great stretch class and we are encouraged to be precise with each position and to focus on each muscle group. On an emotional level, Katherine creates a warm and nurturing atmosphere where I feel a real sense of community. She sends us on our day with thought provoking readings from spiritual writers. I highly recommend this class." - N.G.

“Katherine's Friday am class is a breath of fresh air to start off the weekend.... Gently arriving to our mats allows new spaces within to expand & reveal themselves.
The progression of the class is well balanced with opportunities to explore new ranges of flexibility & strengthen from the core of ones being.” - Mary

“At the tender age of 75 and 3/4, I was coerced by a friend (she’s older) to try yoga. At the time, I was searching for a form of exercise that may have included resting on your back and humming some sort of 'ohm, ohm!, and figured, 'I can do that.' Little did I know that yoga and I would become, 'love at first try.' I quickly learned that yoga is food for body, mind and soul. What an immediate and positive response! Although, I was the 'newbie', I was greeted with open arms. My teacher is experienced and attentive to my particular needs. She encouraged me to try differing poses; but if a pose was uncomfortable, it was okay to do what my body could do. Yoga has increased my flexibility, balance and definitely reduced my stress level and has gifted me a serenity within. Yoga is a gift that keeps on giving.  An added bonus: I recently purchased a children’s book, Good Night Yogi, a pose by pose bedtime story by Miriam Jane Hinder. When my 4 year old granddaughter visits, she immediately goes to the closet for my yoga mat, gets the book and we do yoga together. Inclement weather nor early rising will deter this yogi. Thank you to my dear friend and my yogi master! P.S.  future thought :  watch out heaven and angels above, here I come, get your mats ready, spread your wings: breathe in, breathe out!”

Senior Yoga:

"Sherry Evans is a genius yoga instructor- she hits all the right notes emotionally,  physically and spiritually. I always leave the adult class renewed, refreshed and happy- as well as limber. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a shining example of yoga inspiration." - S.K.

"I have to tell you how good your yoga class was, today! Although I found it challenging, my body and mind, benefitted!" - P.M.

Restorative Yoga:

"Restorative yoga is the perfect way to describe these peaceful two hours of healing the mind, body and spirit. It creates a sense of being better able to deal with whatever comes next."

"I can't tell you how deeply grateful I am for your restorative yoga class.  I yearn for it and cherish every second.  Thank you for you tender care.  It's so utterly cozy and wonderful that it's hard to leave." - L.H.

Chanting, yoga & meditation special event:

Sofia and I were both admiring of this wonderful thing that you, Liz and Cathy did.  Sofia commented that more of this is needed as a counterpoint to all the athletic, power, non-chanting yoga practices that are pervasive.  It was so good that I had the best night sleep I've had in years!



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